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Icarus Effect

Icarus Effect - Self Levitation - Magic Trick

The Ultimate in, Practical, Un-assisted Self Levitation by Aaron Paterson.

Imagine this:  You stand face to face with someone, your back to a curb, step or staircase.  Your participant holds his/her hands out, palms up, while you place your hands, palms down, lightly on top of theirs.

  By applying minimal pressure to the spectator’s hands you are able to apparently levitate up on to the top of the step.

As you levitate and float upward, the participant can clearly see under both of your feet, seeing both of your heels and toes rising off of the ground.  As if that were not enough, you then calmly float off of the curb and back down to the ground and are clean to walk away.

That’s right.  No get-ready.  No clean-up.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Once the gimmick is assembled at home, there is nothing else to “set” for a performance. You can be ready to demonstrate Icarus Effect without notice.  

Like we said…  Anywhere.  Anytime.

With this breakthrough effect there are no mechanical looking movements whatsoever.  If you could REALLY levitate, this is EXACTLY how it would look.  You perform this levitation literally right under the spectators’ noses and yet you will leave them absolutely stunned. 

Speed and height of levitation are under the performer’s control at all times.

Effect is limited only by your imagination.

No electronics, pneumatics or hydraulics of any kind. No wires. No rigging.

No kidding.

Included in this Magic Trick:

Instructional DVD (with bonus ideas, including Aaron Paterson's killer stage version).
Icarus Effect preparation kit for assembling your levitation gimmick (includes "Space Age Material"). 
Free Shipping within the continental USA and Canada.
You supply the necessary clothing.

Thanks to internationally renowned magician Marco Tempest, Icarus Effect recently appeared on US television network, CNN's, The Next List with Doctor Sanjay Gupta (click here for further details).  Here's what Marco had to say after performing Icarus Effect on television all over the world:

"During the past couple of weeks I performed Icarus in Japan, Korea, Switzerland and Brazil in live television appearances, for news segments on the street as well as in studio hosted segments. Icarus is very versatile and easy to use and I had great results every time. Icarus is simply the best self-levitation there is."

Best regards,
Marco Tempest

US Television Network, True TV's, The Carbanaro Effect recently purchased Icarus Effect and built a segment around it. See the video below:

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